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Home away from Home (being WoW)
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 Relax... take it eeeeeaaaaasy!

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Relax... take it eeeeeaaaaasy! Empty
PostSubject: Relax... take it eeeeeaaaaasy!   Relax... take it eeeeeaaaaasy! EmptyThu May 15, 2008 8:23 am


Time has come for me to relax a little again. We have rid ourselves of what imo were the users and abusers which eases my mind (hehehe... we only actually have 5 active members and many alts!!!)

I still need to decide on how much I am going to relax these but for now:

Please let me know what Professions you have and what Skill Level they are at currently.

It will help when I start to stock GB Tab 1.

More will follow in the next few days. What a Face

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Relax... take it eeeeeaaaaasy!
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