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 The Underbog

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PostSubject: The Underbog   Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:35 pm

The Underbog (UB)

This instance can be completed in Normal and Heroic mode for Cenarion Expedition Rep; normal will take you through friendly and heroic will get you exalted.

Quests available:

@ Level 62: Lost in Action
@ Level 63: Bring Me a Shrubbery! (Repeatable)
@ Level 65: Oh, It’s on
@ Level 65: Stalk the Stalker

Trash Mobs and how to deal with them:

Come in groups of 3-4. Have AoE knock back.
They can be Polymorphed and Trapped.
(Same in heroic)

Underbog Shambler / Frenzy:
Nature Elementals that inflict targets with a disease – inflicts nature damage the next 5 times the target takes damage (Can be dispelled by a Shaman)
The Frenzy variety enrage & deal increased damage (Can be dispelled by a Hunter’s Tranquilizing Shot).
Both can be Banished & trapped.
*NB* Shamblers are healers so take them out first!
(Same in heroic)

Bog Giants:
Extremely damaging melee attacks
Immune to ALL forms of CC
Heroic: Two-pull before Hungarfen is tricky due to Healing Aggro!
Hunters to use MD on second target
Split healing with an off-healer
Tranquil Air Totem for casters
Kiting one is possible BUT suffers from additional growths.

Fen Rays:
Cast Psychic Horror which horrifies the target for 2 secs & is targeted (only target is affected & not AoE), target is 2nd person on the aggro list.
Horror effect can’t be countered.
They can Be Polymorphed or Hibernated.
Rays automatically UNSTEALTH players by mere proximity; this makes a rogue useless against any group containing Fen Rays.
Heroic: They can only be stunned or mass tanked, immune to ALL other CC.

Lykul Stinger / Wasp:
Inflict poison that deals minor nature damage
However, if inflicted with poison from BOTH Stinger & Wasp take increased damage
Can’t be polymorphed
Can be Frost nova’d & trapped
Take wasps first – they are weaker & inflict poisons
Poison can be Spell reflected & dispelled
Heroic: Wasps hit weakly but spam poison spit; Stingers melee & Wasps can still be trapped.

Wrathfin Naga:
Humanoids – inflict bleed that deals melee damage.
Can’t be dispelled
Can be sapped, polymorphed, trapped or seduced
Heroic: Immune to seduction but can still be sheeped (Wrathfin Sentries)

Murkblood Lost Ones:
Spearmen – Flings spears & cast Viper Sting (saps mana)
Oracles – Cast Fireballs
Healers – Holy light, Heal, PoH (Prayer of Healing)
KILL HEALERS FIRST or CC – PoH heals all nearby mobs
Their heal is interruptible
(Same in heroic)

Underbog Lord:
More powerful Bog Giants
Must drop them FAST as they grow in size and power over time
Immune to CC/Slowdown
VERY LARGE aggro radius
They have Kickback ability (6k damage on plate)
MT MUST stand with his back against a wall
Build threat ASAP as healing threat IS an issue
Heroic: Use all abilities that reduce damage – Thunderclap / Demoralising Shout / Curse of Weakness



Level (Normal): 65E
Level (Heroic): 72E
Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown

Underbog Mushrooms:
Spawn at random locations
Immediately grow in size
Explode after a few seconds releasing Spore Clouds – duration of 20 seconds
Inflict 360 nature damage every 2 seconds – can stack up to 5 times
Foul Spores:
@ 20% Health – projects AoE poison cloud
Between 400 & 600 damage every second
He then heals for 4 times direct damage (DoT’s still damage in the usual manner)
15 yard radius


Watch out for Underbog Mushrooms and move away from them… INCLUDING the TANK! For the first 80% - Basic tank and spank fight. Exception is that the tank must move around to avoid mushrooms @ 20% he will use Foul Spores. ALL members MUST move away from him (he does root himself so will not move while casting foul spores) thus avoiding AoE and he will not be able to heal as no-one will be doing close up melee type damage to him. Ranged attackers must continue attacking him and at 10% he will release from Foul Spores and usually goes back to the tank… phew!

NOTE: 2 Bog Giants aren’t linked to Hungarfen but pulling one will aggro the other. Personally the only problem I have ever encountered with these guys is haste! Make sure everyone is ready and knows what to do. One of them must be CC’d so the other can be burnt FAST. A good healer is also essential and one who can dispel poisons. One can also be kited by a hunter or frost mage. The key to this is the person kiting needs to generate enough aggro to hold the mob’s attention!

Hits tank for around 2.2k per melee attack.
Mushrooms spawn at an increased rate, sometime 1/sec for 15 seconds. It does then slow down to a normal rate
Foul spore’s part of the fight is the same as it is in normal mode
To avoid mushrooms get ranged dps & healer to stay close to each other, slowly moving in a circle around the boss
Bog giants pull is VERY TOUGH. Either kite one (similar to normal BUT person kiting MUST generate HUGE aggro to hold attention!!!) or maximise DPS to eliminate one before stacking “grow” buff (15% damage increase, stackable, reapplies every 20 seconds) grows unmanageable.
Bog giants are IMMUNE to ALL CC and snares!
Try clear elite fish in the water so the person kiting can jump in the water although this poses a very large threat on the healer as they WILL be using large heals to keep the group alive!


Level (Normal): 65E
Level (Heroic): 72E
Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): 70 – 110k
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Acid Spit:
180 degree frontal 2k nature damage
Acid Breath:
155 nature DoT for 3 secs on MT. Stacks up to 10 times
Tail Whip:
500 damage behind Ghaz’an


He walks onto centre platform when you enter his chamber. Pull him to the wall of vertical pipes to the right with the tank’s back to this wall. Tank must not move the whole fight. The rest of the group must stand to his sides. Tank can handle the frontal attack and with the rest of the group at his sides it negates his tail whip attack.
*Warning* don’t fall off the PIPE… you will be swimming with the fishes and most certainly DIE! (Has happened to me before so be warned)
His Acid Breath is the main problem. Has been noted as a binary resist (in English… You can either fully resist it or it can do full damage – no in between) & stacks up to 10 times. Each applications deals 155 damage over 3 seconds & refreshes the duration of the debuff = Tank with 10 applications will be taking 1550 damage every 3 seconds + the 1.5 – 2k instant damage. Therefore Nature Resist is very important for MT… more Nature resistance = easy fight!
Shamans should use Nature resistance totem and Hunters can use Aspect of the Wild.
ONLY the MT should be hit by acid breath. If any one else is, you were not standing in the correct position! This will turn the fight into a simple Tank & Spank!

Now he hits for between 1.7 & 2.6k damage on moderately geared tanks. He can string up to 3 attacks in a row. Only other difference is a moderate increase to Acid Breath damage.
He can be burnt down inside 20-30 seconds with a good group. If you loose someone in the water, no worries as the fishies they are swimming with despawn when the boss has been downed!
Not a tough fight as it has been reported that a warlock has solo’d him by DoT’s and kiting.

Swamplord Musel’ek (& Claw):

Level (Normal): 65E
Level (Heroic): 72E
Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Aimed Shot:
Uses when no-one is in melee range.
2k damage on clothies!
Auto Shot:
Hit for less damage than Aimed Shot
AoE Freeze trap:
This effect freezes the whole party.
Enables him to get distance to use Auto & Aimed shots
Can be resisted and broken by damage
As the name suggests, this hits multiple players
Can cause over 2k damage on clothies
Claw’s Shout:
Reduces entire parties armour by 75%
*to avoid this, tank him away from the rest of the party
Claw’s Charge:
He will charge random players
In heroic this will happen multiple times as well as the player being knocked back for a short distance.


Good idea No. 1: Clear the Underbog Lord that pats near Musel’ek.
Tank should attack Claw first & be allowed to build threat before switching to Musel’ek. Once this has been done the entire party can attack & try get him down quickly!
Once he is down you can concentrate on the bear who will turn friendly at 20% health.
Good idea No. 2: Burn the bear down to 20% thus removing him from the fight leaving you to concentrate on the boss.

We can use one of three strategies:

Multiple Tanks, Kiting or Hugging
Multiple Tanks:
Use an off tank to tank the bear around the corner. This saves the MT from the bear’s armour reducing ability.
Or have the MT on Claw and the OT on Musel’ek.
Neither of them melee hard
Most important thing is to keep Musel’ek in melee range at all times!
DPS to stay on Musel’ek at all times

A rogue, frost mage or hunter can kite the bear all the way to the beginning of the water while the rest of the group nukes the main boss
Once there - Rogue – vanish; Frost Mage – Ice Block; Hunter - Feign Death and Claw will come running right back to the group
This should give the group enough time to down the main boss as well as heal and bandage
Works in Heroic too BUT the person kiting may have to sacrifice loot for the benefit of the team.
(BB does not need any of these drops so I will be quite happy to kite if need be)

This involves keeping both within an 8 yard circle.
It avoids Claw’s charge as well as the main boss being able to use his ranged attacks.
Musel’ek does 700 melee damage compared to Claw’s 500 damage it would probably be better to kill him first.


The fight does not change much except for Claw’s Echoing Roar that now reduces armour by 82%
A decently geared tank can keep both of them under control, provided the tank can quickly regain aggro after Claw’s charge. This is a MUST or he will run amok through the group SPECIFICALLY the healer

The Black Stalker:

Level (Normal): 65E
Level (Heroic): 72E
Health (normal): 75k Health (heroic): 123k
Mana (normal): None Mana (heroic): None


Static Charge:
750 nature dps for 10 seconds and is NOT dispellable
Party should spread out to minimise the damage.
Chain Lightning:
Takes 3 seconds to cast and hits main target for 2k and spreads to nearby players but is halved each jump it makes
Brings a player into the air
When is wears off – debuff lasts 20 seconds called Suspension
It is dispellable
Players with ranged attacks can attack the boss mid air
Spore Strider Adds (Heroic only!):
3 adds spawned by boss with 5k health
Spawns every 10-15 seconds
Cast 1k nature damage lightning bolts at targets
Adds are Immune to fear


Tank her in the centre of the room with the party at max range. It is important to spread out to negate her Chain Lightning effect. MT should turn her left or right and melee should stand behind her (also negates chain lightning) and still be in healing range
Healer MUST stay at max healing range. Also a tricky job; you need to watch the MT health as well as be responsible for dispelling of the Levitate spell she casts. It is a good idea to have off healers that can dispell the effect leaving the main healer to do their actual job.
Melee should be standing directly opposite from the tank.
As this effect takes time to cast, there is enough time to run out of range even if you do lag

• Standing under a mushroom completely prevents the levitation effect.
• When fully levitated all spells can be cast
• Mages can blink to escape
• Priests, Pallies or Warlock’s Felhunters can dispel the effect
• Whilst travelling…instant spells can be cast
• Normally second on threat list that is levitated
• Healer should try stand out of LoS of the boss

Only difference is the adds that spawn
They can be ignored until the boss has been downed as all we need to do once the boss is down is run out of the room. If healing is a problem, the adds can be dealt with by a single damage dealer at their spawn rate

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The Underbog
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