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 Slave Pens

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PostSubject: Slave Pens   Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:54 am

The Slave Pens (SP)

This instance can be completed in Normal and Heroic mode for Cenarion Expedition Rep; normal will take you through friendly and heroic will get you exalted. Normal mode: Bosses are 64 elites. Heroic mode: Bosses are 72 elites.

Quests available:

@ Level 62: Lost in Action
@ Level 70: The Cudgel of Kar’desh
@ Level 70: The Mark of Vashj

Trash Mobs and how to deal with them:
(Normal mode melee mobs hit between 2000 & 3000 normal hits)

Come in groups of 3-4
Crowd control: Normal methods work
Heroic Mode: Immune to MC (mind control)

Coilfang Champion:
Strict Melee
Uses intimidating shout (I.S.) on its target (often tank), covering it in fear & fearing everyone else in melee range
Champ will then target next un-feared target on threat list (TL); guess who: ranged or healers!
Frost Nova works well. Pull the champ, frost nova so if I.S. is used while rooted, champ will attack the tank (being the closest on TL) thus breaking stun and saving ranged and healers!
Heroic Mode: Immune to MC

Coilfang Observer:
Uses Immolate for 2k initial damage + DOT
Crowd Control: Normal methods work
Heroic Mode: Immune to MC, but can still be feared & frozen by traps

Coilfang Slavemaster:
Concentrate on the Slavemaster as the slaves run away and de-aggro once dead.
Crowd Control: Normal methods work. In addition, when you CC & wait a few seconds the slaves will probably flee.

Coilfang Defender:
Reflective shield every 20 seconds
They can’t be feared.
They can be stunned, trapped, polymorphed, cycloned and disarmed.
Well geared Tank-Healer combination can survive tanking 2 simultaneously BUT they hit extremely hard: 2.3 – 2.9k on a bear’s 21k armour in heroic and one shot almost everyone else!
Normal snares seem to affect them so they can be kited.
Stealth detectors so they can’t be sapped!
Heroic mode: Immune to MC, seduce and trap but vulnerable to stun and kiting.

Coilfang Scale-healer
Crowd Control: Normal methods work. Priests can MC. When MC’d has Holy Nova, Power Word: Shield and a Greater Heal (Heroic)

Coilfang Soothsayer:
These can MC one player to attack team mates. MC’d player uses magic & normal attacks.
Crowd Control: Normal methods work
Heroic mode: Normal Methods work

Coilfang Enchantress:
Crowd Control: Normal methods work
Heroic mode: Immune to MC

Coilfang Collaborator:
Crowd Control: Normal methods work
Heroic mode: Immune to MC BUT can be feared

Coilfang Technicians:
Crowd Control: Normal methods work
When MC’d: has Rain of Fire and Blizzard (Heroic)
Heroic mode: Seduction & MC work

Coilfang Ray:
Casts a form of terror that is dispellable & lasts for a couple of seconds
Crowd Control: All forms of Beast CC works

Coilfang Tempest:
Crowd Control: Normal methods work
Heroic mode: Immune to MC, can be feared and Seduction works.

2 very tricky pulls can be found after Rokmar. Involve large groups with a MC Enchantress and an I.S. Champion.

In Heroic the 2nd group can be skipped; only if you are willing to fight the next pat in the tunnel. 1st group can also be skipped although if you are using traps and fear to CC it would be wise to kill them so you have room for the next group.


Mennu the Betrayer

Health (normal): 60k Health (heroic): 185K
Mana (normal): 6.7K Mana (heroic): 30k

Spells and Abilities:

1. Mennu’s Healing Ward: Heals Mennu for 1% of his total life every second: 600 non-heroic; 1850 heroic.
2. Tainted Earthgrab Totem: Periodic cast. AoE Entangling roots, very low damage and small range (72 a tick on heroic).
3. Tainted Stoneskin Totem: Gives Mennu a large boost in armour, reducing damage from melee
4. Corrupted Nova Totem: Normal – Explodes after 5 secs for approx. 2.5k fire damage to everyone in 10 yard range of the totem. Heroic – Explodes after 15 secs or when destroyed for approx. 6.5k fire damage in 10 yard range of totem.
5. Lightning Bolt – Deals 1 – 1.6k nature damage and only on the character who has aggro. Heroic – 2.6-3.2k nature damage.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

2 separate groups of mobs at the bottom of the ramp leading to Rokmar. Can be pulled separately and to be safe it would be better to pull both groups. Other walk-through strategies state you can skip one group, but I prefer safe runs!

The tank must walk backwards in large circles to stay out of range of the totems as well as keep Mennu out of range of his “buffing” totems… oh and keep aggro. Ranged attackers take out the totems BUT LEAVE THE Corrupted Nova Totem!!! Grounding totems will absorb lightning bolts. The totems are very weak and can be one shot destroyed by rank 1 Moonfire / Earth Shock (or a bullet or arrow will do Razz)!

The strategy is the same for this fight for both Normal and Heroic.

Rokmar the Crackler

Health (normal): 96k Health (heroic): 168K
Mana (normal): None Mana (heroic): None


1. Grievous Wound – Bleed effect for 900 physical damage every 2 seconds. Debuff is not timed and will last until you are Dead or Healed!
2. Water Spit – AoE dealing 1.6 – 1.8k frost damage. Ranged (Hunters / Mages) can stay out of range depending on spec.
3. Ensnaring Moss – decreases attack speed and casting by 50%. Spell is ranged, 30 yards. Healers must stay out of range or WIPE! We have to keep MT topped at all times.
4. Enrage – Heroic Mode ONLY! At 20% health increases physical damage done by 213 and attack speed by 60%.


Tanking – Tank MUST hold aggro. When (in heroic) he enrages the healers MUST have ample mana for BIG heals on MT. In fact, all those with healing abilities must help healing MT. If the tank does die - GERONIMO into the pool and be sure to be out of range of Water spit! Aim for the South eastern pool or enjoy your long run back to resume the fight.
Water Spit Attack – Frost based AoE. Paladins please put up your frost resist aura. There is no way to escape this AoE so don’t try. This AoE can’t be interrupted so again, don’t try. Use bandages to save the healer’s mana for enrage (again, in heroic)
Grievous Wound Attack – This is his most devastating attack. The only way to remove it is heal the afflicted member to MAX health. It is suggested to have 2 healers for this boss. Lucky we have a cracking healing Shaman and a wonderful off-healing Paladin hey?

Heroic Mode:
Water spit now hits for 1.5k and can be easily out-healed by low rank HoT’s! A warrior’s spell reflect DOES NOT work. Healers will need to time heals to hit just before or space out their mana. Again, have a frost resist, frost protection potions or any other healing potions or stones will ne helpful.
His 20% enrage is not that bad (yeah right) BUT will test healers gear if combined with an active Grievous Wound which will now tick for around 1.1k every 2 seconds.


Health (normal): 100k Health (heroic): 153K
Mana (normal): None Mana (heroic): None


1. Acidic Geyser – Selects one random member and initiates channelled cone AoE nature damage. The tank can taunt to focus the attack on him for the duration of the taunt debuff, but will go back to original target once taunt wears off if Acidic Geyser timer has not finished. He will charge the AoE target once the channelling is done and ignore the tank.
2. Poison Bolt Volley – standard AoE hitting for 2.5k nature damage with a poison DoT.


**NB** before we engaged we must unlock and free Naturalist Bite (quest mob). When we free him, mobs will spawn, we kill them. Once he is free, we will be granted a buff with a 30 minute duration “Mark of the Bite” which grants 110 Nature resistance and +5% on all other stats. Useful as all attacks are nature based. Nature resist totems and auras stack with the buff and should be used. Hunters must use Aspect of Wild too.

Primarily TANK & SPANK and healers concentrating on MT and cleansing DoT from the Poison Bolt Volley!

Heroic Mode:
Pretty much the same fight although more care should be taken due to the extra damage. We should try (at all costs) to keep Bite alive (quest mob we free for buff) as we will give additional resist to the poison damage (Partial or full). Recommended when we free him we all stand in the tunnel and keep them from Bite so he does not enter combat with us. When we start to attack the boss, DPS Ranged members must stand well away from Bite or he will be killed by the boss.
Boss hits fairly hard, hitting an average geared tank for 2.2k.
Poison Bolt Volley has a very wide radius, ignores LOS and CAN”T be avoided.
Has a very nasty frontal cleave… 5.5K on leather! Melee DPS should be very cautious and stand behind him.
All ranged DPS must spread out – Acid Geyser is AoE. If ranged and healer stand too close together, they will both be targeted.
Does a lot of Nature damage. Poison dispelling including a shaman totem is obviously very useful.
Time taunt so debuff lasts until after AG is finished then Quagmirran will not move & stay on MT!

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Slave Pens
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