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 New Rules for the Bank 01/05/2008

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PostSubject: New Rules for the Bank 01/05/2008   Mon May 05, 2008 8:09 am

After having a look at the logs I was very disappointed at the lack of contributions from all the guild members to the GB! No

Thank you to:
Riotact (who has now been assigned as the GB controller! - Also happens to be your GM's alt Suspect )

These are the only members that are contributing in a positive manner to the GB. Their ranks and privileges will therefore remain intact and untouched.

The rest of the guild now has had very strict limits placed on them. I WILL NOT relax these controls under any circumstances. If you prove your worth you will get a promotion.

I do not mind if you use the above mentioned members GOLD to fund YOUR repairs BUT (and I feel very strongly about this) if you do not start to pay back what you have been using I WILL be removing you for good Twisted Evil After all, they have had to work hard at their professions and quest to be able to contribute.

Also, there have been members "stealing" from GB. A paladin has no need for leather armour and ranged weapons. Please do not think for one moment that I am a fool and have not played this game before. I have been around now for just over a year. affraid I have played every class now except for a warrior but I read a lot!!!

Should you be found to have taken items out of GB without notification or that do not pertain to your professions or class, you will be logging in the next day without a guild! Shocked

This is supposed to be a game and played for fun. I did not have fun this weekend thanks to theft and disappation of GB funds.

In future, if you do not add value, I am afraid this is not the guild for you and you should really move on to "greener" pastures where other GM's don't care about progression!

I have now warned you all.

Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people.
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New Rules for the Bank 01/05/2008
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