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 Professions, Skills and Characters

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PostSubject: Professions, Skills and Characters   Fri Apr 18, 2008 7:48 am


Woohoo… more to do with your chosen professions… now we will be able to skill up to 450! cheers

There is even talk of Blizzard making it possible for Enchanters to sell their wares on AH! No more advertising on General or Trade… phew hey guys?! cheers cheers cheers

A new profession is going to be exciting…


Okay, what is this? It is very similar to Enchanting. Inscriptions however, permanently enhance the attributes of a player’s spells and abilities.

E.g. Inscribers will have the ability to take a Mage’s Fireball spell and give it the added ability to daze a target for 3 seconds; OR give a Lock’s Shadowbolt a Nature damage bonus which works like this… 50 Shad Dam followed by 60 Nature Dam over 10 seconds. Twisted Evil

It has also been noted that no one particular inscription will be the best and the choices and variety are going to be vast.


What’s that? scratch No plans to extend the riding skill… phew again. Saving money already, thanks Blizzard. There will just be new variations to existing epic land and flying mounts.

Levels, Spells and Talents

With you now being able to get to level 80, you will also have the added choice of 10 additional talent points. All indications are that it will take the same amount of time to level from 70-80 as it did to level from 60-70. Hah, for some of us… NOT LONG AT ALL! Cool

Character Customisation

Sick of your hairstyle… thanks Blizzard, no more bad hair days for us!

And we can celebrate our new look with the new dances being introduced… thank goodness for that too! Some dances leave a lot to be desired. bounce

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Professions, Skills and Characters
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