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 Feral Druids FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Feral Druids FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:28 am

Yup, I have one of these too.

For massive DPS and fast killing this is the build for you!

Balance = 0
Feral = 43
Restoration = 18


Ferocity: 5/5
Feral Instinct: 3/3
Brutal Impact: 2/2
Feral Swiftness: 2/2
Feral Charge: 1/1 (A must have if you plan to tank in raids and instances)
Sharpened Claws: 3/3
Shredding Attacks: 2/2
Predatory Strikes: 3/3
Primal Fury: 2/2
Savage Fury: 2/2
Faerie Fire: 1/1 (great way to pull mobs from a distance without having to shift out of form)
Heart of the Wild: 5/5
Survival of the Fittest: 3/3
Leader of the Pack: 1/1
Improved Leader of the Pack: 2/2 (awesome for group runs)
Predatory Instincts: 5/5
Mangle: 1/1 (brilliant for finishing moves)


Improved Mark of the Wild: 4/5 (some people switch the point from Furor so it is 4/5 but I prefer this way Suspect )
Furor: 5/5
Naturalist: 5/5
Natural Shapeshifter: 5/5 (excellent use of points if you use power shift as much as I do during combat)
Omen of Clarity: 1/1 (an Absolute must have in Talent points... try get this one as soon as possible!)

It is painful to level a druid (though I found it relatively easy) as all the GOOD stuff is later in talent trees. BUT trust me when I say this... a druid is more of a pain than a rogue...they can heal themselves very effectively even with the spec detailed above (I have crit healed for over 4k with my Feral spec the way it is)

Not that we have many druids in the guild... I may just roll one soon! Wink

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Feral Druids FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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