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 Fastest I have got to 70...

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PostSubject: Fastest I have got to 70...   Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:22 am

21 Played days. Not too bad but I am working on beating that this time around Exclamation


1. Empty bags. Just make sure that you have one stack of food, mana drinks and your HS is set to the area you are questing in to make quest hand in's quick and efficient. Neutral
2. Repair gear. No point going out to monster quests if your gear is at half strength. Shocked
3. Pick up all the quests available to you before hitting the road to do the quests. Arrow
4. Use addons especially CARTOGRAPHER and LIGHTHEADED. (you can download them from www.wowinterface.com) They are a HUGE help especially if you solo. cheers Which brings me to...
5. Use your rested bonus while you are soloing. Max XP = Fast leveling Exclamation
6. ALWAYS log off in an Inn or Main City.

Simple after that is rinse and repeat for every zone you enter. Trust me on this... it works.

P.s. Level your professions at the same time. At least 5 skill points per level will get you to 375 skill by the time you hit the BIG one. And to up your skills by 5 is not too difficult hey Question

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Fastest I have got to 70...
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