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 Ramparts (Ramps)

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PostSubject: Ramparts (Ramps)   Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:02 am

This instance comprises of 3 boss encounters and 4 bosses. Killing mobs in this instance grants Thrallmar rep. Rep stops at honoured, bosses included.

Quests available:

@ Level 62: Weaken the Ramparts
@ Level 62: Dark Tidings (obtained inside instance)
@ Level 70 (Heroic): Wanted: Nazan’s riding Crop

Trash Mobs and how to deal with them:

Bleeding Hollow Archer:
Ranged enemy unit
Immune to MC

Bleeding Hollow Darkcaster:
Can be MC’d
Uses Rain of fire & scorch

Bleeding Hollow Scryer:
Can be MC’d
Uses Fear & Shadow Bolt

Bonechewer Beastmaster:
Immune to MC & all forms of CC
Summons Shattered Halls Warhounds

Bonechewer Destroyer:
Immune to MC
Randomly stuns MT

Bonechewer Hungerer:
Immune to MC
Most common “grunt” mob
Vulnerable to snares, polymorph & fear
Runs away in fear at low HP

Bonechewer Ravener:
Can be MC’d
Immune to snares
Occasionally resists MC attempts

Bonechewer Ripper:
Immune to MC
Immune to CC


Watchkeeper Gargolmar (WG):

Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Knocks back the furthest opponent
Mortal Wounds:
Reduces healing by 5%
Stacks up to 10 times; Heroic = reduction by 10%
Can’t be dispelled
@ 20% he gains retaliation
BAD especially in heroic as dual wielding chars can 2 shot themselves


Not a difficult fight. WG pats with 2 guards. Clear the groups along his patrol path. Any combination of CC and kill order on the adds will work. Only things to consider are heals from the Watchers, managing his charge & the debuff that occurs in heroic. Priests can MC the Watchers (they cast Heal, Renew and Shadow Word: Pain). Basically & in a nut shell… SPANK & TANK!

Increased damage from charge
Addition of Healing Wards

Omar the Unscarred (OU):

Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Summons 2 during the fight
Have 2k/8k health
Melees for 1.3k in heroic
Cast life drain which heals OU
Possess short range mana drain – 3000 mana & 1500 dmg
Vulnerable to a variety of CC – Notably Enslavement & Banishment
Spell Reflect (SR):
@ 20% starts reflecting all spells periodically
Shadow Whip (SW):
Melee CC – lifts lower-aggro player into the air
Possible to leave instance due to this
Player takes fall dmg
Treacherous Aura/Bane of Treachery (BoT):
AoE damage curse/debuff on random
Damages those near player with the debuff
Approx 190/2500 dps
Lasts 12 secs
Heroic: CAN’T be dispelled
Shadowbolt (SB):
Casts on aggroed target outside of melee range


Mostly a Spank & Tank
First clear 2 guards and then let the tank go in and build aggro on OU
Space out to avoid damage from Treacherous Aura
Pay attention to the cursed person – they MUST stay away from the other players until the curse wears off (12 seconds!)
Ranged DPS stay at max range & away from one another
Config should be 2 in front, 2 at the back and tank on OU!
Deal with Felhounds quickly. They are problematic if allowed to run loose. They are non-elite and easy to nuke.
OU does not use Shadow Whip on highest aggro target
Warriors that get hit by SW use intercept while falling back to the ground – Avoids taking falling dmg & allows you to quickly engage OU again.


Strat 1:

High Shadow Resist (+200) negates most all of OU’s dmg. AoE debuff is MUCH stronger
BoT debuff if placed on melee fighting him it will harm all other melee nearby
Example: a rogue with high DPS can do around 5k damage to the tank every 2 seconds, meaning in 15 secs = approx. 40K DAMAGE!!!
Good news is we get a 10 sec grace period before the first BoT hits
Melee DPS WAIT for first BoT to hit. If one is melee DPS wait on the side for the duration. If tank gets BoT ALL DPS must wait on the sides.
One it wears off return to original positions until next BoT
Melee must not be next to one another or = WIPE!
Felhounds pose a real threat to mana users. They MUST be dealt with; eliminate them or CC – Ice Trap, Banish, Enslave or Fear all works in heroic.
Fight is easy if:
Spread out properly to deal with BoT
Have Lock or quick MT to deal with Felhounds

Strat 2:

2 Ranged DPS (lock; mage; hunter; shaman; druid; priest)
1 Main Healer – MH (priest; shaman; paladin; druid)
1 Off Healer/DPS – OH (druid; shaman; paladin; priest)
1 NMB DPS (warrior; rogue; bear; kitty) *possible with hunter or enhancement shaman if no other options are available
Main healer @ entrance of the platform – 10 yards in
1 ranged DPS to the right and 1 to the left approx – 15-20 yards from MH on either side
Out of debuff dmg range
OH with NMB-DPS waiting for the pull
Ranged DPS to pull
Go all out DPS – don’t worry about threat or aggro
OU will stay in the centre – WILL NOT MOVE / use SW only SB which will be directed at Ranged DPS with highest aggro
Easy for MH to heal through SB dmg
NMB-DPS can then run to feet of OU and wait for felhounds to spawn, aggro them and keep them out of range of the healers behind OU
As long as felhounds are aggroed as they spawn & pulled behind OU, kept out of range of casters and all out DPS from ranged even if they are undergeared makes this a short fight!
(This strategy works in Normal too!)

Vazruden the Herald & Nazan (VH & Naz):

Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Fireball (FB) (Nazan only casts this when he is in flight)
Liquid Flame (LF) (When the FB hits the ground, the ground burns, dealing HUGE amounts of fire damage to all caught in the flames)
Cone of Fire (CoF) (Nazan’s breath attack when he lands)
AoE Fear – Large Radius in Heroic (Not confirmed for normal)


2 phase fight – VH then Naz
Once you kill the guards at the bottom of the ramp the event starts
VH will land and fight – this is phase 1
Once low on health Naz will land & join the fight
High fire-resist gear / pots / auras will help

2 Ways to win this fight:

A) Tank & Spank VH
Watch out for Naz AoE fireballs; they become DoT when they land
MOVE out of the flames FAST!!!
If no one is attacking him, Naz may go after the healer so it might be a good idea to get a ranged DPS or caster distract him

B) DPS Naz while he is in the air & OT VH. Naz won’t land until VH is on 40-50% or if Naz himself gets to 20%. He starts by moving around & spits fireballs at random targets. Pets & even snake traps help with this! Gives him more random targets to spit at! 3 locations where he can be DPS’d. Very important to have an aggro reset when he lands to allow the MT to grab it…so when he is at 30-40% STOP putting dots on Naz depending on party DPS.

When he lands he generally targets the HEALER so you should stay well back and the tank should be between Naz & the healer.

It is suggested that Greater Fire Protection Potions, Fire Resist Buffs, Shaman Totems, Fire Wards and the like are available for this fight.

Tank must turn Naz away from the party. His fire AoE becomes a DoT that ticks 500/2secs. If you’re in front of Naz and NOT THE TANK…MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tank should move Naz in the middle of the ring & slowly rotate him as DoT’s are place. 3 reasons: firstly, allows tank to move out of fire DoT; secondly, allows control over where the DoT will be placed; third, allows the rest of the party to easily move behind Naz.

Naz has a HUGE hit box, so it is easy for melee classes to stay far away from the tank to avoid stacking up the fire!


Dmg dealt is greatly increased. Attacks come much faster with respect to the frequency of fireballs & breaths. High Fire resist means this will be a Tank & Spank!!!
Fire dmg is 4-5k per fireball. Pools of flame do 1-2k dmg per tick!
Over 250 Fire Resist can fully resist a fireball and NO pool of flame will be created if resisted! (A player that had 266 Fire resistances (buffed) fully resisted 3 fireball shots in a row!)
In Phase 1 VH uses fear to “cc” the melee. He will charge ranged/non-feared person & clothies are 1-2 shot dropped if unprepared – trinket, fear ward, tremor totem, etc. – he is a heroic boss after all & hits very hard!
Best bet for this fight – STAY out of the pools of flame, keep a steady stream of dmg on the boss, keep Naz facing away from the party while tanking him. Well Fire resist geared parties will have little problems with this battle.

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Ramparts (Ramps)
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