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PostSubject: Steam Vault   Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:03 am

Steam Vaults (SV)

This instance can be completed in Normal and Heroic mode for Cenarion Expedition Rep; normal will take you through exalted and heroic will get you exalted. This is a level 70 ONLY instance! (any level lower than 70 will cause endless problems for the group they are with due to high aggro of being sub 70… believe me on this, we tried to run someone through once & did not even get past the first boss!!!)

Quests available:

@ Level 70: The Warlord’s Hideout (Given by Watcher Jhang at the entrance to CR)
@ Level 70: Orders from Lady Vashj (Random drop inside the instance)
@ Level 70: Underworld Loam (Given by David Wayne in Terokkar)
@ Level 70: 2nd & 3rd for the Masters Key to Karazhan! (This instance holds the 2nd frag)

*PLEASE NOTE* this is not a walk in the park instance & is exceptionally challenging. ONLY decently geared & seasoned instance runners will survive (not people that are constantly boosted) as you really need to know your stuff!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!

Trash Mobs and how to deal with them:

Pull Thoroughly
Don’t rush
Watch out for runners
There are a large number of BIG group pulls & HARD hitting mobs
A lot of patrols to watch out for
They generally share pat routes (by that I mean one pat’s route ends where another one’s pat starts)
The shortest route (imo) is not the safest due to the unsighted groups that make marking and killing tricky & nearly always causes a wipe… & this on the trash mobs.

Coilfang Warrior:
Uses Defensive Stance, Battle Shout & Mortal Blow (reduces Stamina & Attack Speed for 12 sec)
Immune to MC in Heroic

Coilfang Slavemaster:
Uses Geyser (which has random Knockback) & Disarm
It is similar to Coilfang Slave handlers in SP. CC the slaves & focus fire on the Slave Handlers. The slaves will run away once the Slavemaster is dead.
Immune to MC in Heroic

Coilfang Sorcerer:
Uses Blizzard, Frostbolt & Frost Nova
Can be MC in Heroic

Coilfang Siren:
Uses fear (1.5 sec for AoE with 10 yard range), Arcane Flare and Lightning Bolt
Can be MC in Heroic

Coilfang Engineer:
Melee & casts Net and Throw bomb (1.2 – 1.7k damage)
Can be MC in heroic

Coilfang Myrmidon:
Melee & casts sweeping strike, Cleave & Execute
Immune to MC in heroic

Coilfang Oracle:
Casts Sonic Boom (Instant AoE 10 sec silence), Frost Shock & Heal (16 – 17.5k health)
Can be MC in heroic

Coilfang Leper (leper gnome, non-elite):
Uses Fire Blast, Frost Nova, Shadowbolt, Heal (3k health) & Shoot
Random combination of spells
Encountered in large numbers and should be AoE killed

Coilfang Mechanic (leper gnome, non-elite):
Uses rebuild on Boss – Steamrigger
AoE these suckers as they repair the boss & prolongs the fight unnecessarily

Bog Overlord:
Hit Hard
Emits poison that hits for 400/tick, stackable poison at random target
Has stealth detection & can’t be CC’d or slowed down
Has trample ability – hits around 3k on clothies
Be wary of adds when pulling these guys

Tidal Surger:
Uses Frost Nova & Water Bolt
Has 3-4 adds, deal with them first, main target should be banished if possible
Alone they are easy, BUT if pulled with the Myrmidons, Sorcerer & Siren groups we are TOAST = WIPE OUT (no matter how good our healer is)
Immune to all Frost Spells


Hydromancer Thespia (HT):

Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Lightning Cloud:
This IS the single most deadly AoE effect in any instance I have ever run!!!
Causes 1.6–2k when it appears + 1.5-2.5k nature damage/second in a 10 yard radius MOVE OUT OF IT ASAP!!!
Heroic: Casts 2 clouds at once
Enveloping winds:
Dispellable magic debuff that stuns random players
Remove this ASAP to prevent the targeted player being caught in the Cloud!
Lung Burst:
Dispellable magic debuff for 500/tick (675 in Heroic)
2 Coilfang Water Elementals:
Can be banished
Cast Water Bolt Volley (WBV - 900 Frost Damage to all in LoS + range; 1.9k in Heroic)
They should be DPS’d down first / CC’d


HT is accompanied by 2 Coilfang Water Elementals (16k health each) & can be banished. WBV deals 900 + frost damage. Adds should be killed first.

I have managed to get my hands on the best possible strategy for this fight as there is a hard way which = WIPE & now an easier way which = time to heal before the boss fight!

A hunter is essential for this strategy to work (luckily we know one Wink):
Hunter places pet in the water (for those of you that have run this instance for the Kara key frags… that is where the pet will be – Sorry Mash…I really truly am!) & then places MD on the pet. This forces HT to attack the pet as MD will generate max threat and takes her out of the battle. The rest of the team is then free to DPS the hell out of the elementals. Please be aware that this will buy you some time as once the pet dies the hunter can use a distracting shot if you have not yet managed to down both elementals…. the distracting shot will pull her aggro onto the hunter who can then kite her back to the entrance. Please save your cooldowns for her fight as well as trinkets and make sure the tank is well healed in case the cloud hits. She can’t cast the cloud if she is “floating” in the water fighting the pet!

As of yet I have never found a better strategy for this cow and believe me, we have used them all bar this one!

I will have the other strats close at hand should this not work, but I am quietly confident and optimistic about this one.

Mekgineer Steamrigger (MS):

Health (normal): Unknown Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Shrink Ray:
Reduces damage done by 35% with chance to backfire
Randomly tosses a sawblade
Hits for 1.5-2.5k to everyone in range
Electrified Net:
Immobilises target for 10 seconds
Does between 600 & 700 damage
Attack of the Gnomes:
@ 75%, 50% & 25% health he will spawn 3-4 gnomes who “heal” him
Have 5k health
Deal 200-500 damage
Non-elite & should receive full focus from DPS
“Healing” is a channelled spell & WILL be broken by damage… AoE FTW!
800-1.3k damage @ 55% reduction (13k armour)
1.5 – 2k damage to cloth
Occurs after 5 minutes (Heroic mode ONLY!)


Above all else, when the gnomes appear TAKE THEM OUT! If we don’t CC & AoE then it will only prolong the fight unnecessarily. Any damage done to the gnomes will stop the repairs.

This is purely a Tank and Spank!

Pretty much the same type of fight except for the extra gnomes that spawn & at 5 Minutes he enrages which WILL one shot the party quickly!!!

Warlord Kalithresh (WK):

Health (normal): 180k Health (heroic): Unknown
Mana (normal): Unknown Mana (heroic): Unknown


Spell Reflection:
White Shield that reflects spells to the caster
Warlord’s Rage:
75% Damage duff & 70% Attack Speed buff
This only happens if he completes the channelling on the containers
Random target DoT
Deals 500 physical damage/tick

Quick Tips by Role!!!

In the middle of the room, on top of the “eye”
When he goes to a container – DPS Container with the group
Does not hit hard unless he enrages
MT is your main target
Watch for impales
When white spell reflect bubble comes up, heal damage casters (they could nuje themselves otherwise)
Help damage the containers (may be the difference between an enrage & an easy fight)
Main target is WK
When he goes to a container – DPS Container with the group
Save all CD & High damage abilities for the containers
Be prepared to move around with the MT & WK
Main target is WK
When he goes to a container – DPS Container with the group
Save all CD & High damage abilities for the containers
Watch carefully for white spell reflect bubble… STOP attacking while active on you or you could DIE
Hunter Specific:
Will need max amount of raw DPS
Utilise a major agility pot & highest damage ammo available
Conserve damage-enhancing abilities (Rapid Fire, Beserking/Blood Fury, Bestial Wrath & trinkets) & apply one per container
If you are 41 point survival utilise Readiness to give yourself an extra use of Rapid Fire


He has a large amount of health so this is a DPS race
Periodically casts Spell reflect
Randomly targets members and Impales them, which does 500 damage every 3 seconds
He often shouts & begins to channel a spell to the closest container
The container then becomes targetable
He continues attacking while channelling – IGNORE him… NUKE THE TANKS!
We ONLY have 10 seconds or he will enrage – if he completes the channelling his attack speed increases by 100% (each container) & his damage by 75%
It is vital that we get the tanks ASAP as this effect stacks
We can survive ONE enrage but no more than that
The tanks have 10k “health” so should only take seconds to destroy

How to tank the boss:

We have 2 choices but I prefer this one as it works very well!!!

Fight him in the centre
This puts him equidistant to all containers
Works best with more ranged DPS
Normal order for the tanks: Back left; Front left; back right & finally Front right.
He takes time to get to the tank to start channelling BUT the tank is targetable once the tank has been chosen by him
Try using some method to slow him down which will give you more time to easily destroy the tanks


Same fight – only difference is WK hits harder, has more hit points & tanks have 14k hit points

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